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Thu, Sep 24
SDG Action Zone
Companies and the UN Fighting Covid-19 Together
GHAEA members lead a discussion among industry and UN leaders on how collaborations and partnerships have grown to become an essential paradigm in the humanitarian response and the experiences from partnerships during the COVID-19 response can be used to help inform future and existing partnerships.
Tue, Jan 21
Davos Meeting 2020
The GHAEA held its first formal meeting during the 2020 Annual World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland signing a Memorandum of Understanding establishing the Alliance and discussing unique collaborations to approach humanitarian challenges with the United Nations. 
Thu, Sep 26
Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza
UNGA Meeting 2019
Meeting of the GHAEA and UN representatives to establish future opportunities for partnership and engagement from the GHAEA and the other private sector participants in upcoming UN Humanitarian projects and to encourage outreach to new corporate partners.
Thu, Sep 26
Millennium Hilton New York One UN Plaza
Engaging Business on Humanitarian Action: The Impact of UN & Private Sector Partnerships
High-level GHAEA members and UN representatives took part in a moderated panel to discuss how sustainable and collaborative multistakeholder partnerships in the humanitarian space can lead to more effective, principled private sector engagement in emergency preparedness and response. 
Tue, Jun 18
WFP Innovation Accelerator (World Food P
Education Humanitarian Challenges Workshop
As part of GHAEA’s commitment from the private sector and representatives from several UN agencies came together and address the humanitarian challenges faced in providing education in a two day workshop.
Wed, Jan 23
Davos Meeting 2019
The GHAEA launched its first informal meeting during the 2019 Annual World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland with support from the State of Qatar. 
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