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Join the WHO's World of Work Dialogue

Join the WHO on 15 December 2020 for an important discussion – putting health at the centre of the "World of Work". The GHAEA has supported the Dialogue through contributions in both the working groups and the plenary.

The public plenary brings together leaders and representatives from the World of Work in a gesture of solidarity: to acknowledge the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sector, to share insights on how to respond, and to urge key stakeholders to place health at the center of preparedness planning for 2021.

SAVE THE DATE! 15 December 2020, 14:00 CET for 90 minutes

The World of Work Dialogue is hosted by the SDG Tent, please access the event using this link.

(Note: the meeting room will be accessible only on the day of the plenary).


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted employers, workers and the public. Businesses and markets around the world have had to adjust normal operations to address health and safety concerns and adapt to a changing supply and demand landscape. In some cases, work moved to the digital sphere, but in other industries, employees have had to adopt often burdensome health measures to maintain services. The interdependence of health and economy have never been more clear.


The World of Work Dialogue series is centered around four themes:

  1. Collaborating for results: Public-private collaboration in health emergencies

  2. Communicating in crisis: Information sharing and leadership during health emergencies

  3. Changing the future today: Sustainability at the core of business, contributing to a healthy society, economy and world

  4. Custodians of health: Employers as health protectors/providers/enablers

Working Groups - by invitation

In advance of the plenary session, closed working groups will address the themes above. The top-line outcomes and proposed actions from their discussions will be shared with the plenary.

Plenary - open to everyone

Representatives of agencies including WHO, ILO, WEF, ITUC, IOE and others will discuss the concrete actions that can be taken by employers and workers to protect health and further health crisis preparedness, sustainability and social responsibility.

Join the WHO on 15 December for this important discussion – putting health at the centre of the World of Work.


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