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GHAEA thanks Ed Martinez of UPS

On behalf of the Global Humanitarian Action Executive Alliance, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Ed Martinez of UPS for his immense efforts and continued support. His tenure at UPS and particularly as the President of UPS Foundation has undoubtedly made a difference not only at the global level but to individuals who are most in need of assistance.

Ed's longstanding commitment to the United Nations and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals is to be commended. Ed is passionately dedicated to promoting sustainable partnerships amongst public and private sector actors and most importantly to translating those partnerships into tangible results for people on the ground.

Ed played an instrumental role in founding the Global Humanitarian Action Executive Alliance and in guiding its mission and vision from inception to reality. Now, more than ever, the obstacles we face require dynamic responses and Ed's experience has contributed to finding solutions and helping save lives.


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