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GHAEA joins the UN SDG Action Zone to discuss partnerships to fight COVID-19


During the 2020 UN General Assembly, millions of people everywhere took action, learned, shared solutions and engaged with the community to show the world we can turn it around in the right direction!

COVID-19 has tested our humanity, solidarity and progress on sustainable development. Companies have come out in full force to support the UN and governments in the global response to the magnitude of COVID-19. The private sector has played crucial roles in helping to mend broken supply chains, develop new fundraising platforms, and utilise technology to track and respond to specific requirements.

Moderated by Emmy-award winning journalist Richelle Carey, GHAEA members led a discussion among industry and UNFPA on how collaborations and partnerships have grown to become an essential paradigm in the humanitarian response and the experiences from partnerships during the COVID-19 response can be used to help inform future and existing partnerships. The discussion closed with a passionate call to action from UNICEF SDG Youth Advocate Alliyah Logan stating "we must act now to unsure children are not bearing the brunt of the long-term impacts of COVID-19 and companies must lead with their expertise."

More than 42 MILLION people from 700 organisations in more than 160 countries and 870 cities around the world joined the Global Week to #ACT4SDGs and helped make this a turning point for people and the planet.

The SDG Action Zone featured 268 speakers (63% female, 35% male 2% non-binary speakers) and was viewed by over 16 thousand people from around the world and reached over 90 million people through approximately 800 thousand people actively engaged on social media, generating over 450 million impressions.

EVERYTHING from the SDG Action Zone is available to view on demand! Check out the on-demand library and don’t miss the SDG Action Zone highlights.


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