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GHAEA & WHF Webinar discuss equitable distribution COVID-19 challenges


Since the announcement of covid-19 vaccines by the UK and US, questions surrounding to whom and how the supplies of this awaited breakthrough will be distributed have been part of the controversy.

Assuming a vaccine in some form is deemed ready for broad equitable distribution, several overarching challenges as to its efficacy and who receives it (most vulnerable vs. hotspots) as well as operational hurdles to overcome. Ensuring the vaccine reaches everyone will strain existing supply and logistics chains, present new challenges to disseminating information, utilise technologies and innovative solutions and place further stress on the billions of people whose lives have been disrupted.

A panel of experts led by moderator James Coughlan, Loaned Executive, UPS Foundation, and includes

H.E. Mr. Gamal Mohamed Hassan, Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Promotion of the Federal Government of Somalia,

Gary Cohen, Executive Vice President, Global Health and President, BD Foundation: and

Aboubacar Kampo, Director of Health, UNICEF.

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